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Read our featured author interviews to learn more about the authors behind some of our favorite books and series!*

Cover Reveal - Showmance by L.H. Cosway

Cover Reveal - RoomHate by Penelope Ward


Cover Reveal - Hearts of Blue by L.H. Cosway

Book Release - King of Hearts by L.H. Cosway

Cover Reveal - Tainted Kiss by Sharon Kay

Book Release - Words that Bind by Ash Krafton

Book Release - Conscience by Cecilia London

Cover Reveal - Sojourn by Cecilia London

Book Release - Be Mine Forever by Kennedy Ryan

Cover Reveal - My Soul to Keep by Kennedy Ryan

Cover Reveal - Until I'm Yours by Kennedy Ryan

Book Release - My Eternal Soldier by Krystal Shannan

Cover Reveal - Shadow Fires by Catherine Spangler

Cover Reveal - Sins of Sevin by Penelope Ward

*If we've already reviewed one of your books, and rated it 4 or 5 STARS, you can request a feature interview. We are happy to post announcements for our 4 and 5 Star authors, too. 


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