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The books we read are either purchased on our own or received from publishers, authors, or by other promotional means in exchange for our honest feedback. We write reviews for books we enjoy. We do not write reviews for all the books we read or receive. We tweet about our book reviews, and will share links on Facebook, whenever possible. We cannot guarantee cross-posting. For details about our rating system, please click here.

Before submitting a request for review, please note that we are primarily interested in paranormal romance, urban fantasy, contemporary, and fantasy romance. We occasionally accept new adult, young adult, science fiction, and historical romance. We do not accept books on politics, religion, books with highly offensive subject matter as a primary story element, or nonfiction.

If we've already reviewed one of your books and rated it four or five stars, you can request a featured author or character interview. All comments are welcomed! However, due to the number of emails we receive, we cannot reply to all messages.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are closed to new review requests at this time, so that we may focus on the books we have already accepted. Please wait until this notice is removed before submitting a request. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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