Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Review - Sparkles and the Grinch by S.R. McKade

Sparkles and the Grinch
by S.R. McKade
Published 2014
45 Pages

This is a very sweet short story, perfect for a relaxing break with a cup of hot cocoa! Police detective Ryan Walker and his partner, Nathan, are investigating a recent spree of robberies just before the Christmas holiday. One of the victims has hired Alex Kincaid (a private investigator who works closely with the local police) to assist. 

Alex is a lovely woman, who comes from a family of four brothers. She prefers to maintain a tough exterior, and presents as a well-trained professional. But when there is a break in the case, Detective Ryan is reluctant to give Alex any information. He soon finds himself torn between his professional relationship with Alex, and a budding attraction. 

Despite Detective Ryan's hard-headed and uptight demeanor, Alex is equally intrigued. But can these two headstrong individuals let down their guard to solve crime? And where will their secret feelings toward one another lead them... 

While the characters lack depth, the story is entertaining. Overall, a fun, quick read to enjoy over the holidays!

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Reviewed by Andrea 

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