Thursday, December 10, 2015

Book Review - Blood Dark by Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Dark (Blackthorn, #5)
by Lindsay J. Pryor
Published 2015
398 Pages

This fifth installment in the Blackthorn series tells the story of Kane, a formidable vampire in Blackthorn; and Caitlin Parish, a special agent with the Vampire Control Unit — and a worthy counterpart to Kane. Although these two have struggled with issues of trust, they can’t help being drawn together. But there are obstacles they must overcome, and very real threats that neither one is prepared for.

Surrounded by deceit, the future of Blackthorn is at stake. Other characters play important roles as a sinister plot unfolds, forcing both Kane and Caitlin to question all that they have come to know about the world around them, and each other.

A fascinating and oftentimes brutal world, Blackthorn is filled with vampires, lycans, and other intriguing characters that all have a place in this dark and gritty realm. With intertwining plots, and steamy love scenes, fans of paranormal romance will thoroughly enjoy this series! The author creates stories with depth, fully developed characters, and plenty of imagination!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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