Friday, December 18, 2015

Book Review - Sparkles and the Grinch by S.R. McKade

Sparkles and the Grinch
by S.R. McKade
Published 2014
45 Pages

This is a very sweet short story, perfect for a relaxing break with a cup of hot cocoa! Police detective Ryan Walker and his partner, Nathan, are investigating a recent spree of robberies just before the Christmas holiday. One of the victims has hired Alex Kincaid (a private investigator who works closely with the local police) to assist. 

Alex is a lovely woman, who comes from a family of four brothers. She prefers to maintain a tough exterior, and presents as a well-trained professional. But when there is a break in the case, Detective Ryan is reluctant to give Alex any information. He soon finds himself torn between his professional relationship with Alex, and a budding attraction. 

Despite Detective Ryan's hard-headed and uptight demeanor, Alex is equally intrigued. But can these two headstrong individuals let down their guard to solve crime? And where will their secret feelings toward one another lead them... 

While the characters lack depth, the story is entertaining. Overall, a fun, quick read to enjoy over the holidays!

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Reviewed by Andrea 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Book Review - Blood Dark by Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Dark (Blackthorn, #5)
by Lindsay J. Pryor
Published 2015
398 Pages

This fifth installment in the Blackthorn series tells the story of Kane, a formidable vampire in Blackthorn; and Caitlin Parish, a special agent with the Vampire Control Unit — and a worthy counterpart to Kane. Although these two have struggled with issues of trust, they can’t help being drawn together. But there are obstacles they must overcome, and very real threats that neither one is prepared for.

Surrounded by deceit, the future of Blackthorn is at stake. Other characters play important roles as a sinister plot unfolds, forcing both Kane and Caitlin to question all that they have come to know about the world around them, and each other.

A fascinating and oftentimes brutal world, Blackthorn is filled with vampires, lycans, and other intriguing characters that all have a place in this dark and gritty realm. With intertwining plots, and steamy love scenes, fans of paranormal romance will thoroughly enjoy this series! The author creates stories with depth, fully developed characters, and plenty of imagination!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Book Review - Sojourn by Cecilia London

Sojourn (Bellator Saga, #3)
by Cecilia London
Published 2015
290 Pages

This third installment in the Bellator Saga starts with Gabe, Crunch, and Jones bringing the horribly broken, abused, and clinging to life Caroline to a safe house after a daring rescue. Alive, but mentally and physically scarred, Caroline must rely on others if she is to survive. She begins training, and learns how to fight, as she prepares herself for an uncertain future.

Crunch is a down to earth guy who is happy to help, while Gabe is the natural leader of the group. Jones, a former convict who shares a complicated history with Caroline, has his own motivations for helping her. And as she prepares herself for what is to come she begins a new life, with a new identity.

Now, as Diana Marie Pascal, she must find a way to move forward. Complete with colored contacts and a drastic hair change, she has a cover. But flashbacks continue to haunt her. A budding romance begins to develop. But after losing loved ones she is guarded, and continues to struggle. As the group seeks out a possible rebellion cell in San Diego, she is shocked when she discovers the identity of the leader...

This is a fantastic story, with fully developed characters, and plenty of action. Romantic elements compliment the plot, and the pacing is superb. While book two had some cringe-worthy violent scenes, this third installment was much less jarring. Still, there was plenty of suspense, and a realistic unfolding of events. The slow-build up to romance was very well done! Set in a futuristic world, the possibilities are frightening, and the story gripping! Reading this series, it's easy to feel fully invested in Caroline's world. And I won't rest until I read the last book!

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Reviewed by Andrea


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