Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review - Conscience by Cecilia London

Conscience (Bellator Saga, #2)
by Cecilia London
Published 2015
420 Pages

In this second installment, we are seamlessly thrown back into Caroline's world. Told in flashbacks, interwoven with the present, the author delves deeper into the details of the story. Conscience brings depth to the plot, and reveals a few truths. While we learn exactly who Santos is, the full cause of trouble is still left as a mystery. 

We discover that the federal government is behind the overtaking of the States. And while Caroline is tormented beyond what anyone could possibly be expected to bear, and Jeffrey Murdock brings a new level of cruelty as her captor, she is further challenged by the reality that those she loves the most are at risk. Caroline has lost loved ones, coworkers, and allies, and is forced to endure the harshest brutality. The story reveals how quickly, yet subtly, the lives of the characters changed. It uncovers a gripping tale, not for the faint of heart!

This book is a sequel. You must be well invested in the first book before attempting to take on Conscience. It is a great political thriller -- darker, and more vicious than the first. And our heroine, Caroline, is a very believable character that is easy to sympathize with, and root for! 

I went back and forth between 4.5 and 5 stars, mostly because of the brutality. The tale is well written, and the author is exceptionally talented. So, if you have a strong stomach, this is a 5 star read. I am more on the squeamish side, and had a difficult time getting through the many violent scenes. But it's not reflective of the story. And in many ways, the details were necessary pieces of the complex puzzle.

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Reviewed by Andrea 

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