Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Review - Dissident by Cecilia London

Dissident (Bellator Saga, #1)
by Cecilia London
Published 2015
274 Pages

Jack and Caroline are on the run in a snow storm, trying to stay one step ahead of the soldiers who ran them off the road. They are protecting a flash drive, and as they make their way along their journey there are flashbacks, and little tidbits that clue us in to what they are protecting, and who is waiting for them on the other end.

Caroline, a young woman with two daughters; and Jack, a millionaire with political ties, are brought together in a time of political turmoil, where states are breaking off from the union, and no one in any form of political position of power can be trusted. As Caroline lies unconscious in a medical facility, after reaching out to Jack for help, the medical personnel attempt to keep her in a medically induced coma to protect her from the torture and trial for treason that awaits her. 

So, how did these two characters meet and uncover a web of lies in the government and military? All of this is superbly explained with great character details, and a very realistic tale of the relationship between two unlikely allies in a time of political unrest. And while there is a good amount of detail surrounding the character development, the passages flow naturally, allowing the reader to stay engaged in the story that is unfolding.

Romantic elements are interwoven into the plot, without being contrived. This story lays out a foundation that is sure to be an engaging series, and I can't wait for the next installment! I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and highly recommend it to any reader with a varied preference in genres. There are elements of romance and suspense, with a futuristic backdrop, and sexy love scenes. And the writing is witty and sassy, with a compelling plot that leaves plenty of room for more! Kudos to the author for an excellent start to the series! 

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Reviewed by Andrea

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