Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Book Review - Perfect World by Shari Sakurai

Perfect World 
by Shari Sakurai
Published 2014
332 Pages 

In the year 2115 the world is drastically different. Natural disasters, climate change, and war has transformed the landscape into a vast wasteland, scattered with super cities. Set in a futuristic England, we meet Eric Rawlins, a well-trained, intelligent, genetically engineered man who was created by the London Security Agency (L.S.A.) to protect the innocent. 

Eric seems to have it all -- good looks, skills, and a perfect life -- until he finds himself up against Adam Larimore, the son of a billionaire, who is on a mission of his own. Eric's quest for peace is challenged as he embarks on a journey into the mind and secrets of the enemy, stumbling upon a discovery that will test his loyalties and cause him to question the very foundation of his beliefs... and his ideas as to who the enemy really is. 

This is a well written story. And while the intricate details of the technology, and life in a futuristic England helped to illustrate the scenes, there was a lack of explanation as to how the technology came about, and how it was being funded in a world of global devastation. It left me feeling bewildered. 

A romance between the main characters never overshadowed or distracted from the main plot. And although I would have liked to see more romantic elements, it was well paced, with complimentary themes. Despite the few minor issues, the story flowed, with vivid descriptives, enjoyable passages, and a cliffhanger that left me wanting to continue on with the journey! 

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