Sunday, May 24, 2015

Book Review - The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

The Good Girl 
by Mary Kubica
Published 2014
355 Pages

When Mia, the black sheep daughter of a prominent Chicago judge, goes out one evening to meet her on again/ off again boyfriend, she does the unthinkable. Realizing she has been stood up she begins to chat with a seemingly nice guy, Colin, and ends up in his bed. What she doesn't know is that Colin has been watching her, learning about her every move, and preparing for this very evening... and with sinister intensions. Colin's crime boss plans to hold Mia hostage for ransom. But in carrying out his bosses orders Colin veers from his original plan, setting the stage for suspense and intrigue.

Detective Gabe is the lead investigator assigned to Mia's missing persons case. As he attempts to uncover details about the case he meets Mia's mother, Eve, a lovely woman who has allowed her domineering husband to dictate her judgment and parenting. Gabe has battled his own demons, and thinks about his son, as he begins to bond with the grieving mother.

The story is told in a first person narrative, beginning before and after the abduction, from Detective Gabe, Eve, and Colin's perspectives. It delves into the past, and helps the reader to understand what led these complex characters to this juncture. As each event unfolds, from past and present, we discover just how far each character has come... and how much further they will need to go on this emotional journey.  

The writing style reminded me of Chevy Stevens (one of my favorite authors), and had a similar theme to Gone Girl, but with different plot twists that kept me guessing! I couldn't put down this book until I had all the answers I was craving. Suspenseful, exciting, and heartbreaking, this story takes a hard look at human relationships, how they form our interactions, and the manner in which our decisions impact our lives. A really great read. 

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Reviewed by Andrea


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