Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review - Phoenix Rising by Heather R. Blair

Phoenix Rising (Phoenix Inc., #1)
by Heather R. Blair
Published 2014

83 Pages

Miles Rousseau and Kelsey Daeger reunite after a bitter betrayal from ten years ago. While the emotional complexity of the past looms large, Miles -- a 600-year-old vampire -- must enlist the help of a powerful psychic, following a series of murders that rock the vampire community.

Kelsey was such a strong, badass character -- a perfect leading lady for an alpha vampire! And I loved reading her backstory. Miles definitely stole the show, though, with his smooth and sophisticated (yet chilling and dangerous) demeanor. There were scenes that left me feeling a bit fearful, because underneath the calm exterior was a hidden rage that always hinted at his predatory nature. 

A fast-paced novella, this first installment in the series offers up a thrilling and vivid paranormal tale, full of intrigue. Such a big story for a novella! I was impressed with the characters, depth, and how such an engaging and dynamic tale could be packed into 83 pages. 

All in all, a terrific page-turner. Although it is a quick read, I was left both satisfied and looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Reviewed by Shari

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