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Book Review - Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

Hearts of Fire (Hearts, #2)
by L.H. Cosway
Published 2015
281 Pages

Hearts of Fire can be read as
a standalone, but I highly recommend starting with the first book, Six of Hearts, which tells the story of Jay Fields, illusionist, who works his magic toward solving a mystery surrounding a childhood tragedy. In this second installment we meet Jay's brother, Jack McCabe, a performer with the Circus Spektakulär, who is gruff and filled with raw passion. Jack is holding onto a dark secret, which unfolds in this spellbinding tale, rich with detail, and set in a captivating world of the circus. This is by far one of my new favorite books! 
"Old vaudevillian piano music played from speakers that had been set up all around, making you feel as though you were stepping through a portal back in time."
When the Circus Spektakulär arrives in a small town in southeast Ireland, Lille Baker is busy working at her summer job as a waitress, where she paints children's faces on weekends. Craving adventure, Lille meets two strangers -- an interesting older woman, and a handsome young man -- and is given a flier for the evening's performance, which is set in a large, colorful structure made from canvas and wood, known as a spiegeltent.
"His eyes held a thousand dark, carnal promises, and I felt completely lost."
Eager to catch a glimpse of the mysterious young man who caught her eye, Lille has no idea she is about to become part of the act. So, when she is called to the stage to assist Jack with his knife throwing, she hesitates, but manages to find the courage. Seeing him up close, she is pulled into thoughts of a world of wonder beyond the boundaries of her small town.
"Life twists some of us in strange ways that shape us to always be alone, and I'm one of them."
Jack wasn't exactly friendly. In fact, he was a bit brash, and seemingly unreachable. But there was something in his eyes that made Lille want to know more about the man behind the knives and flames. And soon, she finds herself with a once in a lifetime opportunity. Will she find a way to get Jack to open up? She knows there is at least a part of him that holds very real danger. But Jack may not be the biggest danger in the Circus Spektakulär.

What an incredible tale! I was enthralled with the story, and with the main characters, Lille and Jack. Lille is relatable and real, with flaws that are fully integrated into her character, rather than put there as an afterthought. And Jack is amazing -- handsome, but broken, with a tragic history that affects him in every way, without being the focal point of his character.

There were a number of other characters that stood out, too, including the circus owner, Marina, who had been with the circus for many years, and had a fascinating backstory. Lola, the 22-year-old concessions worker, had a different reason for running away with the circus than I expected. King's story was another one of mystery, and I'm excited to see he will be getting his own book! The sizzling hot romance, along with some kink, 
kept the scenes fresh and original. Wow! I absolutely loved this book, and didn't want it to end. A must read!!!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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