Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Review - Windburn by Juliette Cross

Windburn (Nightwing, #2)
by Juliette Cross
Published 2015
132 Pages

In the Gallium Province, a dragon-hybrid race, known as Morgons, live alongside humans, but with tension and distrust between them. As the communities evolve, boundaries are blurring, bringing Morgons and humans closer together. Many apartments now house both races, and the more progressive individuals are encouraging collaborations. But there are some on both sides who frown upon the interactions between humans and Morgons, adding another layer of tension to an already precarious situation. Still, changes are coming.

As a confident and intelligent young woman, Sorcha Linden isn't about to let old traditions get in the way of her ambitions. She accepts a position to collaborate with the Nightwings -- one of the oldest, and most powerful clans in the province -- in designing a nightclub that will cater to Morgons and humans alike. This will be the first of its kind, and Sorcha is thrilled with the prospects. Not only will the innovative project propel her career, but it will bring her closer to the handsome and mysterious Lorian Nightwing. Capturing his attention will be an exciting project on its own.

"Your raging sensuality could make any man go mad... But I won't be your prey. There's only one hunter here."
Using her best assets to gain his full attention, Sorcha pushes forward with her plan. So, why isn't Lorian responding like other men? Guarding her heart behind a fortress, and doing her best to maintain control, she realizes her feelings for Lorian are intensifying... and that she is losing the upper hand. The situation becomes especially tricky when she starts receiving strange gifts at her door, bearing the mark of an ancient clan. Only Lorian can protect her. But will she relinquish control, and accept his help? Her life, love, and the future of the province are at stake... and that's only the beginning.

This is the second installment in the series, and I wish I had started with book one! I was able to pick up on the story, without feeling lost, but having a bit more of the characters' history, and the foundation for the plot, might have been helpful. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed this magical world, and the descriptives throughout, which brought the story to life. I especially enjoyed taking flight with the Morgons, discovering how they lived, and learning about the clan history that brought them into existence. A well written tale, with captivating characters, I am eager to see what will happen next!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

4.25 STARS

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