Sunday, February 15, 2015

Book Review - Be Mine Forever by Kennedy Ryan

Be Mine Forever (The Bennetts, #3)
by Kennedy Ryan
Published 2015
368 Pages

This is my favorite book in the Bennett trilogy! I absolutely loved the characters, especially Cam, who is far from perfect, but a diamond in the rough. Cam is haunted by a dark past, and as he begins to chip away at the emotional barriers he's built up, terrifying secrets are revealed. And through the unraveling, the one woman he has vowed to protect is set on a dangerous path. A raw, revealing, and gripping tale, Cam's journey will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.

"She was a woman of limits and boundaries. He was the kind of wicked guy who wanted to blur all her lines, kiss her until her inhibitions melted and her walls fell away."
Cam always had a special place in his heart for Jo. As teenagers, they would stay awake for hours, talking late into the night. But the temporary escape he had with Jo couldn't erase the horrors that haunted him. Now, as an adult, the pull and attraction is stronger than Cam can resist. And once unleashed, the whirlwind of passion is almost too much to bear. Jo begins to imagine a future with the one man she has loved for over half her life. So, when she awakens to find him gone, she is devastated. She knows the night before was frightening, but she needs answers... all Cam wants is space.
"I want to love you in the light, without the shadow of a monster hovering over us."
Away from Jo, Cam is clearheaded and focused. Working on his art exhibit, he knows he will see her again, but the distance that is a safety net for Cam is crushing to Jo, who only gets little pieces of information through her family. She knows Cam loves her. It's how he feels about himself that is the issue. So when she confronts him in an unexpected way, he is forced to take a closer look at old patterns and the choices he has made. He knows Jo won't wait forever... and it might already be too late.
"Sometimes your life chooses you."
About halfway through the book I thought I had it figured out, but what was revealed was shocking, and completely unexpected. I was happy to see Jo confront Walsh about his role in Cam's life, and his lack of consideration for Cam's feelings -- this needed to happen. Everything came together, all questions were answered, and it left me feeling hopeful. This is a well paced and enjoyable tale, despite the heavy subject matter. I highly recommend starting with the first book to get the full history of the characters, and to see how their lives intersect. Well written, heartfelt, and original, this tale will appeal to fans of contemporary romance who enjoy complicated characters with depth and purpose.

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Reviewed by Stephanie


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