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Book Review - Shamara by Catherine Spangler

Shamara (Shielder, #3)
by Catherine Spangler
Published 2014
364 Pages

In a futuristic world, Eirene lives in a male-dominated society that offers little hope or opportunity to its female inhabitants. Having lost her parents, she finds herself in the care of her abusive uncle, Vaden Kane, who makes her life miserable. She dreams of a life beyond her home planet, but it isn't until she discovers her uncle is planning to marry her off to a Leor that she decides to escape. And it won't be easy.

Eirene finds herself on the run from her uncle and the Leors, but also fighting to conceal the truth about who she is: an Enhancer. If anyone discovers her true abilities, it will be a fate worse than death. 
At the Pleasure Dome, she meets a kind and handsome man, Jarek. He is attacked and injured, and she can't help but step in to heal him -- a huge risk, considering her actions could expose her as an Enhancer. Jarek is convinced Eirene could be the key to saving his people, but she remains guarded. Her attraction toward Jarek grows stronger, and soon she realizes her powers are changing. 

"And, like a ship being sucked into a black hole, she found herself hopelessly lost in a vortex of emotion and passion."

On a Shielder colony she is introduced to the men, woman, and children being hunted by the Controllers. Helping Jarek would mean putting her own life at risk, but the innocent strangers deserve a chance. Jarek shares stories about a sanctuary called Shamara, a place of safety and refuge. Could this be a chance for her to gain her own freedom, as well? It sounds too good to be true... or does it? First, she will need to learn to trust herself, and to control her abilities, if she is to find the freedom and security she so desperately desires.

Such a captivating addition to the series! With a storyline that builds on the first two books, Shamara brings depth and purpose to an already enchanting plot. Filled with romance and adventure, this is my favorite in the series, so far! 
I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed plot, clever dialogue, and fascinating characters.

Eirene is inexperienced, but not a pushover, and her intelligence enables her to adapt quickly to life beyond her home planet. Jarek is a worthy counterpart who helps her to work through issues of trust and confidence. The secondary characters provide enticing sub-plots -- most notably, Lani, and the fearsome Leor, Gunnar, who were a total mismatch. They poked and prodded one another when it was clear they had a mutual attraction. Gunnar sees Lani in her blue feathered attire, and sneers, "What is this? It looks like a blue echobird that got caught in a rocket launcher." Ha! 

A fun, exciting, and well written adventure that any fan of sci-fi romance will enjoy!

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Reviewed by Stephanie


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