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Book Review - Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Never Knowing
by Chevy Stevens
Published 2011
410 Pages

Sara Gallagher's parents adopted Sara, then went on to have two biological daughters, Lauren and Melanie. As children, Lauren was kind and gentle, while Melanie was headstrong and opinionated, often butting heads with Sara. Their father treated his daughters differently, taking Lauren and Melanie on fun outings, while leaving Sara at home to clean -- a bit of a Cinderella situation at home that left her with a sense of guilt and confusion.

Now an adult, Sara is engaged to a wonderful man, Evan, who conducts whale watching excursions, and owns a lodge. She is also busy raising her own adorable, yet rambunctious six-year-old daughter, Ally. While preparing for her wedding, she comes across an adoption website that gets her thinking about her birth parents. She never explored her origins, out of fear of hurting her adoptive mother, but now decides to take steps toward finding out where she came from. 

Quietly and secretly, Sara hires a private investigator to find the answers she's seeking. She uncovers the name of her birth mother, but her father is still a mystery. When a telephone call to her birth mother ends horribly she decides to visit her in person. But the meeting proves all the more perplexing and troubling, as her birth mother expresses horror and fear over their meeting. What is eventually uncovered sets off a terrifying series of events, and a reveal that is as shocking for Sara as it is for the reader. 

All of this is presented in a rapid fire pace that brings the reader into the story, and into the shock and emotions Sara is experiencing. With so much taking place early on in the story, I had to wonder, "Where can we possibly go from here?" But to my surprise, that is where the real substance of the story begins to take shape, and where the unexpected twists and thrills develop. 

Sara is forced into an arena of unwanted attention, and into a world that she in entirely unfamiliar with. And she isn't the only one thrust into this unsettling situation. Her family, and all those she has ever cared about, will be rocked by what has happened and what is to come. Told from Sara's point of view, the reader is privy to her therapy sessions throughout the story, adding insight and intrigue to a gripping tale that kept me awake for more than a few nights! Captivating and intense, I will be looking for more titles from this author.

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Reviewed by Andrea

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  1. I've been wanting to read this for a long time. Great review. :)


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