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Book Review - My Dragon Masters by Krystal Shannan

My Dragon Masters 
(Sanctuary, Texas #2)
by Krystal Shannan
Published 2014
342 Pages

In a futuristic Earth, where supernatural creatures have been deemed the biggest threat to humankind, the world has become little more than a battleground. In an effort to control the supernatural populations, governments have taken over, resulting in fear and turmoil throughout the land. Walled cities, black markets, and battles on the streets have become commonplace. But the biggest threat may be lurking just beneath the surface. 

Trapped in the human realm, most of the supernatural creatures, known as 'Others', would prefer to return to their magical kingdom beyond the veil. But under a shroud of magic, one small community, hidden in plain sight, is thriving. Out of reach from the chaos and constraints that plague the outside world, Sanctuary, Texas is as close to perfect as any creature could hope for on Earth.
"All the Sisters ever say is... she is coming to you."
Miles and Eli Blackmoor are dragon shifters, and twin brothers who have vowed to protect the Sisters of the House of Lamidae. After losing their beloved wife, and being banished from their kingdom, they had lost all hope. But in Sanctuary, they found a mission and a purpose. Still, a dragon's bond lasts a lifetime, which (for a dragon) is a very long time. Having retained some semblance of their humanity, they know their true mate must still be alive. The Sisters continue to give them hope, while one question remains: Will they ever be reunited with their true love?
"Fire and ice don't go together... or do they?"
When Diana awakens in a prison of ice, she has only her haunting dreams and elusive memories from which to piece together her past. How long has she been trapped within these walls of ice, and why is she here? It has been a thousand years. But something is changing in her... something that is making her stronger, and more driven than ever before. And it may be the catalyst she needs to find a path to freedom. But will she discover her own truth along the way?

The first book was based primarily in Sanctuary, while in this second installment we get a closer look at the world beyond the veil. And I must say, both worlds are equally enchanting! Rich with detail, the story has depth and originality, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. The humor flows naturally throughout the dialogue, without feeling forced or contrived.

"'Zip it, you giant fire-breathing windbag.' I couldn't hold back the snort of laughter. She'd just called a seven-foot giant of a man, who could breathe fire, a windbag..."
The romance was truly lovely, but the scorching hot bedroom scenes were most impressive, especially when you consider that dragons often marry in groups of three. Yes, three very sexy, very hot dragons, which made for some phenomenal love scenes!

A great cast of characters, an enchanting setting, and a well paced plot combine to make this enthralling tale a must read. I can see so much potential for this series, and can't wait to get to know the other characters along the way! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie 



  1. I'm so thrilled you loved the book. And I just love your review. You made my day! Thank you so much.

    1. My pleasure! I'm so glad you liked my review. I love this story, and totally fell in love with Miles and Eli! *swoon* <3


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