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Book Review - A Taste of Winter by Laila Blake

A Taste of Winter (Lakeside, #2)
by Laila Blake
Published 2014
249 Pages

After the first book, I couldn't wait to read more of Moira and Owain's adventures! A Taste of Winter had me enthralled and intrigued from beginning to end. And although the plot is slightly less complex than the first book, it is a gripping read, and a meaningful addition to the series.

Owain, a mysterious Blaidyn; and Moira, a human/fae hybrid were last seen fleeing Castle Richmond, and have now set out on a journey as an eager couple, young and in love. But quickly, Moira learns that life outside the safety of the castle isn't all wondrous. Instead, there are hardships in living a life on the run, and extraordinary challenges in surviving the winter season. Further, Moira is unprepared for the prejudices they encounter as an interspecies couple -- from both human and fae -- which tests the love between them.

The scheming fae spy, Brock (Moira's disguised, wise tutor), has proven more sinister than ever. The extent of his plans for both the fae and the human world slowly reveals his true madness. As we learn the backstories of various characters, and as Brock's plans unfold, the depth of the story is revealed, which drives the plot, and brings insight into the story. What is exposed is a heartbreaking journey that leads us back to our hero and heroine.

Watching the evolution of the characters was an extraordinary experience, as each is confronted with how to cope, and how to adjust to a new way of life. One such moment is observed as Owain, both strong and proud, struggles to provide for Moira. Slowly, it chips away at him, testing his confidence, and revealing his deepest vulnerabilities. He questions his ability to care for Moira, and I couldn't help but grow fond of Owain through his struggles.

Moira experiences the most profound and inspiring transformation. This sweet, innocent young woman has to find her own inner strength to became a steady force, both as a woman, and as the backbone of the relationship. I was so proud to see her come into her own, and squealed with happiness when she faced off with Owain, stating, "You don't get to decide when I'm done loving you." 
I cried, and I cheered for their love. I wasn't sure how strong their love would prove to be, but now I'm a firm believer! 

This story is all about growth, fighting for what matters most, and sacrifice. Thank you to the lovely Laila Blake for providing me with an advanced reader copy of A Taste of Winter. The story was nothing short of amazing, and I can't wait to find out what will happen next! 

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Reviewed by Shari



  1. Awww thank you so, so much Shari! It's always such a blessing when a reader really connects with what I, as a writer, was trying to do. It makes me feel all warm and connected. Thank you for that!

  2. Thank you Laila for giving me the chance to read it!!! As I said, I love the story. I honestly struggled a bit with writing a review because I couldn't keep from sounding like a fangirl. Lol I love Owain and Moira.

  3. Thanks for sharing your book, Laila! And thank you, Shari, for the fab review! <3


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