Sunday, November 30, 2014

Book Review - The One by Annaliese Plowright

The One (The One Saga, #1)
by Annaliese Plowright
Published 2012
242 Pages

This story starts out with a glimpse into the past, showing the intera
ctions between two immoral sisters; then brings us into the present time, where we meet our main character. Brook Davenport, now in the witness protection program, is heading toward a new life in Claremont, Scotland. Along the way, she encounters a very strange, dark, brooding man. Hoping to shake off the tortured memories surrounding her abusive marriage to the criminal, Adam Fleming, she wonders if her travels will take her far enough away from the past to truly escape. But her ex may not be the biggest demon who has her on his radar. 

Brook starts two new jobs, and makes some friends while working at a home for the elderly. Edith is one feisty older resident, who keeps her on her toes! Her second job is at the Avallon House, where she meets the handsome, reclusive man named Anwar Jones. She has seen him in town, and is well aware of how his abrupt interactions make any attempt at conversing a challenge. Still, she feels drawn to him. Brook has much to learn about her new life, her new relationships, and also about her own past. 

This is a stunning start to a series that gives a detailed, fully fleshed out main character in Brook, as well as those around her. With real life crime, drama, and hints at otherworldly influences, this story draws you in, and keeps you spellbound until the end. I highly recommend this book, but you may want to have the sequel on hand, as you will not be ready to let go of these characters!

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Reviewed by Andrea

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