Sunday, November 30, 2014

Book Review - Into the Dark by Annaliese Plowright

Into the Dark (The One Saga, #2)
by Annaliese Plowright
Published 2013

249 Pages

This sequel to The One is markedly different in its content, while maintaining the superb writing skills of the author. Picking up where Brook and Arwan Jones left off, the mortal issues they dealt with in the past seem like child's play. Camalus, the God of the Sky, is introduced. And Anwar's brother, Gulliane -- who lost his true love, Jade -- will stop at nothing to make sure those who he holds responsible for his loss, pay dearly. The illusion of escape is no longer possible for Brook, as she 
discovers her own truth, and how the immortal world factors in to her life. 

Travels into eerie Wytchwood, encounters with faeries, and troubles that link the human world with the wrongdoings and revenge vows from the immortal world, hint at a a war that is brewing between worlds. Anwar's best friend, Bran, has his own history with Brook, and the son of her dear friend in Claremont -- who has vowed to protect the citizens from human and otherworldly crimes -- gets caught up in the chaos. Brook allows herself to travel between the two worlds in pursuit of the Book of Kells, in an effort to stop the violence that is crossing over from the immortal world. But can Gulliane quell his appetite for revenge? And can a mere human stop an immortal war? And finally, will Brook get the answers and truth she needs to restore harmony between the two worlds that mean so much to her?

This story is so different from the first. It delves into the connections of lineage in the immortal world that was, at times, a bit confusing for this reader. Still, I was transfixed, and now that I've read both books I'm dying to see what happens! There is a cliffhanger, so I hope the next installment isn't too far off! 

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Reviewed by Andrea

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