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Book Review - Blood Deep by Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Deep (Blackthorn, #4)
by Lindsay J. Pryor
Published 2014
415 Pages

What a great addition to the series! Blood Deep is gritty, captivating, and richly illustrated, with an exciting plot and fascinating characters. Lycans, vampires, humans, and other creatures come out to play in Blackthorn. But it is a dangerous playground, where hapless souls oftentimes find themselves on the receiving end of the oppressive cons that rule the otherwise lawless city. Succumbing to the rampant corruption may be a means of survival for its inhabitants. But there are magical elements that -- despite the dangers -- make Blackthorn an intriguing place.

Eden Reece is charming and handsome, but with a deadly past. The tattoos that cover his body reveal the depth of his crimes, and warn others of his truly formidable nature. So, when Eden is left to fend for himself in Blackthorn, it isn't surprising that his presence brings forth the most hardened cons from the darkest corners of the city, willing to challenge him, and eager to remove a new, potential threat.

Jessie spies an attack, and does her best to stay in the shadows -- getting involved would be a risky venture. But she is impressed with the handsome stranger's fighting skills, and can't resist getting drawn in. Up close, she finds something shocking in the stranger's badly beaten face... she knows this face. 

Now warned of the dangers, the stranger has moved on, and Jessie can refocus on keeping the events of the night hidden from Pummel, the brutal con who has provided her with shelter for too many years to count. But Pummel is far from charitable, and nothing comes without a price. So when the stranger, Eden, shows up at Pummel's door, Jessie knows trouble is brewing. 

Eden's motives are more complex than Jessie could imagine, but they are both keeping secrets. And as the truth starts to surface, they wonder if they can trust each other. What is being hidden will impact both of their lives, and may determine the fate of all those living both within and beyond the boundaries of Blackthorn. 

Such an amazing tale! I really loved the characters in this story, and enj
oyed revisiting those from previous books. This is the fourth installment, but it can be read as a standalone, and is a must read for paranormal romance fans. 

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Reviewed by Stephanie


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