Friday, October 3, 2014

Cover Reveal - Nightshade by Cecily Flynn

Coming October 23rd...

A Sun Born Novel
by Cecily Flynn

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“You’re only a dream,” Ana said sadly. His eyes changed from teasing and sweet to serious, dark stones, worry creasing his brow. Their swirling dance slowed to a stop, and he held her for a moment at arm’s length. “Ana,” he said, his voice smooth and resonant, as familiar as the low moan of a cello. The tiny hairs on her arms and neck rose electrically as he spoke: “Nothing is as it seems."

About the Book

Lately, Ana Lanoway has been remembering her dreams. A mishap in the woods by the lake house over winter holidays has left her seeing vivid, beautiful visions of an oddly familiar stranger, whose dream-messages both confuse and bewitch.

But when the visions turn darkly sinister, Ana knows only one person will take her fears seriously. And Holly is more than happy to help her best friend decipher them—on one condition: Ana must help Holly gain access to Dela Hall's guarded secret archives, and to Thomas Delaquire's infamous machine.

As both girls plunge deeper into Cold Water’s dark depths, a two hundred year old tragedy unfolds in the shadows of Venice and London, painting a portrait of Ana’s dream-stranger—and her perfect boyfriend—that even mad, bad Lord Byron himself finds too dangerous to know… 

About the Author 
A vivid imagination as a child meant vivid nightmares; frightening images that stayed in the mind hours, days - sometimes years - after waking. And though the nightmares haven’t gone away, Cecily has learned that the only way to conquer them is by embracing them. 
Cecily studied Creative Writing and Film at the University of Victoria, with a focus on contemporary poetry and horror. From true Noir to The Shining, slasher flicks to classic monsters, Cecily loves the things that go bump in the night!  
Although she has spent many years writing poetry and short stories, The Sun Born is her first series of novels. Volume one is available through Smashwords, B&N and Apple iBooks, volume two will hit the e-shelves Oct 23rd.
Cecily lives and writes in Toronto.

Cecily Flynn

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