Friday, October 10, 2014

Book Review - Wings of Hope by Pippa DaCosta

Wings of Hope (The Veil Series Prequel, #0.5)
by Pippa DaCosta
Published 2014

59 Pages

If you've read the first two books in The Veil series, and loved them as much as I did, you won't want to miss Wings of Hope, where we catch a glimpse of Muse's life as a half-demon beyond the veil. In the netherworld, Muse has been kept as a plaything for the ruthless demon, Da'mean. Hundreds of years have passed, where she never imagined a life outside her confines. But when she meets Mammon, everything changes.

Mammon, also known as the Prince of Greed, shows Muse another way of life. While her human side has always been a source of shame, Mammon seems fascinated with the soft, fragile being within. He introduces her to the concept of freedom -- something Muse has trouble wrapping her head around -- and tells her there is a world beyond the veil... the human world. 

There are tests along the way, and obstacles she must overcome, most notably learning to control her own abilities. But she follows Mammon's lead, and begins to embrace the concept of hope and freedom. Knowing that Da'mean will never willingly let her go she makes her own plans, and wonders if escaping Da'mean will ultimately propel her toward something much worse. She is right to be concerned. After all, Mammon has warned her about his own motives as the Prince of Greed. As dangerous as it might be, hope is all she has left. 

In a world filled with chaos, Muse is but a glimmer of the human she will later become. But as her story unfolds, it is easy to see how her experiences helped to shape her emotions as a human, and her perceptions of the demon realm she once called home. Wings of Hope offers meaningful context to the series. A gripping tale, full of excitement and prospect!

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Reviewed by Stephanie 


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