Thursday, October 23, 2014

Book Review - Nightshade by Cecily Flynn

Nightshade (The Sun Born, #2)
by Cecily Flynn
Published 2014
280 Pages

Nightshade is a gothic romance that spans several hundred years leading up to the events that take place in a small, Canadian town called Cold Water. Two intertwining storylines reveal an unusual link between the present day town of Cold Water, where 16-year-old Ana Lanoway lives with her parents; and 19th century Europe, where a handsome young man named James Sulien once resided.

Ana meets James in Cold Water, and their mutual attraction is immediate. James is polite and charming, but an enigma, with such complexity that Ana has a hard time figuring him out. What happened in his life that brought him to Cold Water, and what exactly are his plans with Ana? James does in fact have a plan, but as Ana soon discovers it is easy to get lulled into his intrigue, and to overlook the obscurities. Nevertheless, a dark side is looming, and with every turn of the page another facet of this hypnotic tale is revealed, adding to the mystery surrounding Cold Water.

It's wintertime, and the woods beyond Ana's home are covered in snow and ice. The last thing she remembers is walking through the woods when she awakens, clearly injured, with no recollection as to how she arrived home. Her parents are rightfully concerned. But through her dreams, memories are resurfacing, and bringing insight into the waking world. Her best friend, Holly, continues to research the history of strange occurrences in Cold Water, and offers her own perspective on Ana's dreams. James does his best to conceal his past. But as Ana stumbles upon something unexpected, she finds herself one step closer to uncovering the truth... for better or worse.

Initially, each storyline is told through several consecutive chapters before shifting gears, creating a smooth, natural transition. But as the pace quickens the storylines alternate more quickly, matching the mood of the story, and building up to the climax. Such great pacing!

The themes and motifs that create the foundation of this story include time-tested moral and ethical dilemmas that surround human interactions. But everything is enhanced by the vivid, richly illustrated setting, and the otherworldly elements deeply embedded in the story. Desire is a driving force, and a shadowy side of human nature thrives in this fascinating tale.

Enchanting and sublime, with fully developed characters, this is a fresh, absorbing, and very well written tale of romance and so much more! I absolutely loved this installment, and can't wait for the next release!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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