Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Review - Loving You Always by Kennedy Ryan

Loving You Always (The Bennetts, #2)
by Kennedy Ryan
Published 2014
256 Pages

I really enjoyed the first book in the series, and wasn't prepared for the course of events that took place in this second installment. Most of the story was quite painful, as Kerris and Walsh -- two people deeply in love, but kept apart through their own choices and actions -- are forced to confront another series of tragedies.

Some time after Kerris marries Walsh's best friend, Cam, Walsh gets an unexpected phone call, and rushes to be near Kerris. Still brokenhearted by the loss of Kerris to his best friend, and now outraged by the news, Walsh doesn't know all that has transpired between Kerris and Cam. And frankly, Cam's apology to Kerris for his earlier behavior seemed rushed and convenient. But things take an abrupt turn for the better, and suddenly, everyone seems to have it all figured out. I can't give away any more details without including spoilers, but the issues these characters were facing seemed much more deep-seated than the story made them out to be. 

There were lovely, tender moments, but they were overshadowed by agonizing memories surrounding the pain each character had brought upon the lives of their closest friends and family members. Walsh's wealth was also in the forefront, once again, with many discussions about his clothing, his desire to spoil Kerris, and his connections. If you've read book one, than you know it has already been well established that Walsh comes from a very wealthy family. So a lot of the discussion aimed at reinforcing awareness of his wealth seemed gratuitous. Further, I couldn't help noticing a contradiction in these characters who were purported to have such depth, and yet took a lot of interest in the physical characteristics of those around them. Kerris, in seeing Walsh's cousin Jo, makes the following observation: 

"Jo, you look amazing." And she did ... Her model's body seemed even fitter than the last time Kerris saw her ... Kerris didn't know which designer had made the chocolate colored leather dress Jo was wearing, but it seemed to have been sewn along the curves of her body like a layer of expensive skin. 

The story's loose ends are tied up nicely, but I was still left feeling a bit jarred from all the upheaval in these characters' lives. I believe in love, and that it can conquer most. But for me, the story took us down a dark road, riddled with obstacles that -- despite the unrelenting attraction Kerris and Walsh felt for one another -- could not have been resolved so easily. Nevertheless, the story is well written, well paced, and would appeal to readers who enjoy the ups and downs surrounding hardship, tragedy, and a love that can prevail against all odds. 

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