Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Book Review - Kissed by a Demon Spy by Sharon Kay

Kissed by a Demon Spy
by Sharon Kay
Published 2014

170 Pages

I loved this companion to the Solsti Prophecy series! It can be read as a standalone, so if you haven't read the series, don't let that stop you. 
However, I highly recommend the series to fans of paranormal romance who enjoy a spellbinding world filled with sexy alphas, kickass heroines, and steamy romance! 

Kissed by a Demon Spy brings us back to Torth, an enchanted world inhabited by demons, elves, pixies, and an array of other supernatural creatures. Garnet has been enslaved for hundreds of years, and has lost all hope in ever seeing freedom again. Having once assisted a certain Lash demon, she never imagined he would fulfill his promise to help her escape. But with chaos erupting from within the compound walls, and two demons at her side, she and her young son just might have a chance to escape, after all. But it will not come without risks. There are many dangers in Torth, and the journey is only beginning.  

On the other side of Torth, in a village called Ivydale, a Deserati demon named Aden is building up his business as an innkeeper. In a village where pixies and demons live peacefully, Aden lives with a dark secret that keeps Ivydale and the surrounding villages safe. When Aden meets Garnet he is immediately drawn to her, but he knows better than to get involved. A spy should never get mixed up in matters of the heart. Putting Garnet and her son in harm's way is not an option. Still, he cannot deny the attraction, and soon he discovers... he isn't the only one with secrets.

This is a fantastic addition to the Solsti Prophecy series! A quick, action-packed read, this story adds another layer to the magical world the author has created. New, charming characters are integrated into the story, with a well paced plot, and fully developed characters. Filled with vivid details, a lot of attention is given to the world building, resulting in a story that pops off the pages!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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