Saturday, September 6, 2014

Book Review - R.E.birth by Thomas W. Everson

R.E.birth (Rain Experience, #1)
by Thomas W. Everson
Published 2014

393 Pages

Rain, having emerged from the forest, wounded and bleeding, is discovered by a woman and her daughter who take him inside their home, and tend to his wounds, in an effort to save his life. Several weeks pass, and slowly Rain begins to regain his strength. He awakens, disoriented, and without any memories from his past. He isn't even sure he's safe with his mysterious rescuers. 

The peculiar behavior exhibited by the mother, Agatha; and her daughter, Ami, combined with eerie shadows around every corner are perplexing. His concerns deepen, as strange dreams bring glimpses from his past. But it's Ami's words of warning that cause the greatest distress: He isn't safe in their home. And he must leave before it's too late.

Soon, Rain learns that a curse has befallen Agatha and Ami. And the home where Rain is being cared for is very much a part of it. With each passing day, Agatha and Ami are one step closer to an inevitable shift in time that will propel them through the ages, bringing new challenges to their doorstep. And if Rain stays, he will become part of it, too. 

More secrets are uncovered, but many questions remain. Someone from his own time wants him dead. So, with few options, Rain decides to leave the Dark Ages to embark on a journey through time with Agatha and Ami. The source of the curse begins to surface. But the most surprising revelation for Rain will be what he is about to discover... about himself.

This is a complex and well thought out story, full of adventure! Despite a few slow passages, I was eager to see what was next for our travelers. I would have liked to see more attention given to Rain's speech patterns, as they did not reflect the time period from which he came. But it didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story!  

There is a cliffhanger, so if you aren't prepared to continue on with the series, you should probably pass. Otherwise, this is a great start to what could develop into a genuinely delightful series! Anyone who enjoys time travel and adventure will find this book entertaining. Definitely worth the read! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie



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