Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Review - The Butterfly Crest by Eva Vanrell

The Butterfly Crest (The Protogenoi, #1)
by Eva Vanrell
Published 2014
469 Pages

The Butterfly Crest is a mesmerizing
story, set in a vivid and imaginative world. Every scene, and every character is rich with detail, as ancient mythologies and Japanese culture are intricately interwoven throughout the story. It's nothing short of amazing!

The author does a great job delving deeply into the subject matter -- so much so, that at times it took away from the narrative of the story, but not enough to put me off. I was too intrigued to stop reading. And I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the charming main character!

Elena Vicen h
as lead a seemingly ordinary existence, when her life suddenly takes a turn, and changes in ways she's altogether unprepared for. After receiving a letter, she learns of a mysterious inheritance, tucked away in a safety deposit box. And from there Elena is swept away from the wonderful City of New Orleans, to the breathtaking backdrop of Japan. 

In acquiring the contents of the box, Elena sets off a chain of events, and is thrust into the midst of an ancient war between deities in the various pantheons. But the real mystery is shrouded in a daunting journey through the realm of the afterlife, as Elena discovers her role in an ancient prophecy that could alter the course of the war. Through it all, Elena shows strength and courage, pushing forward for answers, despite her fears and lack of knowledge in how to deal with this mysterious world of mythology!

I absolutely loved this novel, and was captivated by the different gods, spirits, and demons from different cultures, coexisting together. This is a complex and imaginative story, complete with unique and engaging characters. Any fan of mythology and fantasy will be riveted by this story!

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Reviewed by Shari


  1. Wait the book contains mythology from different countries instead of juts one? Awesome. based on the description you gave of the main character she sounds like a generic good person, but I'll find out once I start reading the book.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Let us know how you like it! :-)


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