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Character Interview - Mathias from Wicked Flames by Sharon Kay

Character Interview
Mathias from Wicked Flames
by Sharon Kay

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Hello everyone and thank you to the amazing ladies at Moonrise Book Blog for setting up this fun interview! Stephanie was brave enough (or eager enough—or both, haha) to chat with one of my Lash demons at the oh-so-intimate Table 70 at Vivo in Chicago. In case you’re new to the city, this table is the most requested in town. Located in an old elevator shaft above the main dining room, it has rough-hewn brick walls and a velvet curtain to make it totally private! Perfect place to talk with a sexy and well-armed fighter, wouldn’t you agree?

Mathias, a six-foot-four warrior demon and the hero of the almost-released Wicked Flames, sat with Stephanie (and ordered her drinks and filet mignon. He likes to be in charge!). Wicked Flames is the third novel in my 
Solsti Prophecy series (following Wicked Wind and Wicked Waves). The series is about four women who control the elements—though before now, they didn’t know the extent or purpose of their power. The Lash Watchers are an elite group of warrior demons who maintain the balance of peace in the various realms. What happens when these men and women meet is a whirlwind of sparks and danger as they battle villains both power-hungry and just plain awful. So sit back and enjoy Stephanie’s back-and-forth with Mathias!

It is so nice to meet you, Mathias. We'll start with an easy one. What is your most notable characteristic?
--> *Mathias crosses his arms over his chest and smiles* My senses, especially smell and hearing. Other Lash demons can identify a creature by smell if they’re close, but I can do the same from miles away. Same if the scent is days old. I can find anyone, anywhere, so I have the title of Hunter.
*Stephanie raises an eyebrow.* Hunter?
Mathias: The Hunter is a position in our leader’s inner circle of Watchers. I often get tasked with finding those who don’t want to be found, and... *winks* I always find them.
What personal achievement are you most proud of?
--> Moving up through the Watcher ranks to earn Arawn’s trust. He’s the leader of all the Lash demons, and of course, my boss. He expects complete loyalty and honor, and expects me to do my job no matter what. I owe it to him, and in turn to every Lash demon, to never fail.
What brings you the greatest happiness in life?
--> Work.
Stephanie: Wow, you didn’t even hesitate. But come on. There must be something you do in your down time.
*a devilish grin spreads across his face* Mathias: Well, the best place for down time is this nymph colony called Rivkin. Those little ladies love to entertain in every—
*Stephanie blushes and holds up a hand* Stop. This is a PG page and I’ve read Wicked Wind. I know exactly what goes on there!
*Mathias chuckles.* Maybe we should go. You and me. A weekend trip. You game? 
*Stephanie’s blush deepens.* Umm…next question!
How would you define a perfect love?
--> *snorts* *laughs* Love? I’ve seen a few of my boys fall, but count me out. 
Stephanie: Don’t you think there might be a special someone out there for you? Maybe she needs your skills to find her. 
Mathias: If so, she better be up for a challenge. No shrinking violets. She’d have to deal with me going on assignments on a moment’s notice, to potentially dangerous places. *shakes his head* Pretty sure she doesn’t exist. If so, I sure as hell haven’t found her.
Tell us a secret about you that no one else knows.
 *rubs a hand over his jaw* Hmm. I’ve got one, but it’s more of a family secret. Not even a secret really—hell, I’ll just say it. In my book, you’ll read that I have a big happy family. Six kids, parents still together and in love. All good, right? *frowns* Yeah, not so much. One of my brothers, Jaxon, likes to drop completely off the radar. Sometimes we don’t hear from him for years. Gives my mom fits of worry and pisses my dad off. But Jax has always been different. Broody and likes to be alone. Embraces the idea of vigilante justice. I think he may live in a small community on a remote realm. I could find him if I truly wanted to, but I figure I’ll leave him alone. Maybe Sharon will track Jaxon down one day and straighten him out. Right now, I’ve got a mad-scientist vampire to find.
Stephanie: That sounds important! And that was my last question. Thanks for meeting me.
Mathias: You’re welcome. And I don’t have to go just yet. It’s always a pleasure to hang out with a pretty girl in a hidden spot.
Stephanie: Hmm, do you do this often?
Mathias: You’ll have to read my book to find out. Now, one thing I know about women is they love dessert. *leans back in his chair, eyes twinkling mischievously* What do you have a taste for?
Wicked Flames - Excerpt
Releasing July 15th! 
The distinct buttery smell of pecan instantly hit his nose. Gin stirred the hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks, further intensifying the olfactory barrage.
“This smells way better than the Coffeehouse.” He walked up behind her, admiring the view of her perfect ass in that tight little dress. Her hair hung long and loose down her back, and he threaded his hands into it, wanting to touch every inch of her.
She sucked in a breath and turned to face him, eyes huge. Cradling one mug in her hands, she offered it to him. “Taste.” Her voice was a strained whisper, a question and an offer combined.
He toyed with the ends of her hair. “Not first on my tasting list, Ginger.”
Her pulse ticked frantically at the base of her throat, and her chest rose and fell with uneven breaths. “Not…first…?”
He took the mug from her and set it on the counter. “No.” F*&%, she was so gorgeous, standing here all dressed up for him. Dim light or sunlight, silk or jeans, she glowed with a fiery sensuality. He planned to explore every nuance of her heat, starting when he was buried inside her.
Holding her hair to the side, he kissed her shoulder. Her arms slid up his shoulders to clutch his biceps and a breathy moan escaped her.
Nipping, he moved to her collarbone. Her neck. Anywhere but her parted lips, where he knew she wanted him. He wanted her pliant, defenseless, and begging.
She gave a full-body shudder and tilted her head.
He brushed his lips across her ear. “We’re gonna play a game.”
Her eyebrows raised. “What kind?”
“A guessing game.”
“Hmm.” She bit her lip. “Like twenty questions?”
“Only two questions.”
“What am I guessing?”
“I have something of yours.” He swept his hands up and down in the air in front of him. “On me.”
Her mouth dropped. “What? When did you—? Where?” her eyes darted over his chest and arms, and down to his open hands.
“You get two guesses. For each wrong guess, I kiss you.”
She folded her arms. “That doesn’t sound so bad. How do you know I won’t guess wrong on pur—”
“After two guesses, you have to find it. Without talking. And you have to keep your eyes closed until you do.”
Her eyes widened. “What if I don’t find it?”
“You get spanked.”

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