Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Review - Wicked Flames by Sharon Kay

Wicked Flames (Solsti Prophecy, #3)
by Sharon Kay
Published 2014
352 Pages

Gin Bonham knows that demons exist. She also knows that her sisters are embracing their powers to manipulate water and the wind. With a traumatic event behind her, fear is all Gin associates with her own ability. And so, she wraps herself around a carefully constructed, normal life, free from the world of demons and supernatural powers... or so she thinks! 

Demons are all around her. Some are there to protect her, while others are there to cause her harm. But with portals to the other realm showing up on Earth the Hunter demon, Mathias, is instructed by the leader of the Lash demons to meet Gin, and to convince her to join in their mission. Mathias is confident he'll achieve his goal. The problem is, once they meet, the chemistry between Mathias and Gin is off the charts! The romance heats up, while Mathias' plans are left on hold. 

As Mathias and Gin's romance intensifies, danger is creeping in. A sinister plan is underway, and time is of the essence. 
"They reached the foyer, dimly lit with the sun's valiant effort to shine thorough the clouds ... Eight male Deserati demons lurked... "
And in the realm of Torth, we discover delightful exploits, as the Lash demon and the Solsti weave their way through this enchanted world. All the vibrant details we've come to know, love, and expect from this series are realized in this installment! 

I loved all the characters, but especially Mathias. He's powerful, loyal, handsome, and respectful -- all the important elements of a swoon-worthy alpha male! And the romance is exquisite. This book contains some of the most well written, and steamy love scenes I've read! 

Get ready for an exciting adventure, with vibrant world building, and fully developed characters! This is a must read for paranormal romance fans. 

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Reviewed by Stephanie


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