Thursday, July 24, 2014

Book Review - Veiled Target by Robin Bielman

Veiled Target (Veilers, #1)
by Robin Bielman
Published 2014
275 Pages

Ever since her fiancé was killed five years ago, Tess Damon has been on a mission to find his killer. She's closed herself off emotionally, and lives for vengeance. Tess is an assassin for a clandestine agency that tracks down Veilers -- supernatural creatures who live amongst the humans, and are known by only a few. But recently she's been distracted, and now she's botched two jobs. And her boss isn't happy. The next assignments will be defining for Tess... in more ways than one. 

Hugh Langston is a wolfen shifter, and a pack leader to a nearly extinct pack in Los Angeles. In addition to his wolfen role, Hugh works in search and rescue, and has a natural drive to be in charge of operations. So, when his second in command goes missing, Hugh is determined to find him. What he doesn't expect is to be working alongside an assassin from the very agency that works to eliminate Veilers. But Tess is different. Isn't she? He knows she's deadly, but somehow he trusts her. And the physical attraction between them is undeniable. Still, Tess remains in the dark as to Hugh's true identity... and Hugh doesn't know that his name is next on her hit list.

Hugh is protective and powerful, and such a sexy badass that I couldn't wait to get to the love scenes. And the super sexy scenes are worth the wait! Tess is a strong character, and likable for the most part. I did get annoyed with her indecisiveness, but it was justified in the story. 

Overall, this is a good start to an exciting, and well written urban fantasy series that I will want to keep up with! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie 


  1. Hi Stephanie! Thanks so, so much for reading and reviewing VT! I'm so happy you enjoyed it (especially Hugh!) ;) *hugs!*

    1. Thanks, Robin! Loved it, and yes Hugh is awesome! Can't wait for the next book! *hugs*


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