Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review - When You Are Mine by Kennedy Ryan

When You Are Mine (The Bennetts, #1)
by Kennedy Ryan
Published 2014
256 Pages

This story was a true joy to read, which surprised me a bit, since it deals with some serious subject matter. But I was glued to the pages! The intense moments, and a series of reveals, caught me off guard, and had me hooked to the end! These are flawed characters, with real life challenges. But they are so well developed, and compelling, they jumped off the pages. It was hard not to root for them!
Kerris had a tough start in life, but it hasn't gotten in the way of her hopes and dreams. As a new college graduate she is full of ambition for her future, and plans to open a vintage clothing store. Things are just starting to fall into place. So, when she arrives at an awards ceremony packed with wealthy donors, and sponsored by a prestigious foundation, nothing can prepare her for Walsh -- dark green eyes, 6'4"... and staring holes through her. 

Of course, Walsh and Kerris are from different worlds. As the heir to the Bennett family fortune, Walsh has been groomed in acquisitions, travel, and philanthropy. Kerris, on the other hand, is used to doing things for herself, and finds creative ways to cut corners. But when they run into each other at a local hospital, they realize they have more in common than meets the eye -- Kerris volunteers her time locally, while Walsh travels the world helping children in need. And so begins an unlikely friendship. The problem is, Kerris' boyfriend, Cam, has just asked Kerris to marry him... and Walsh is Cam's best friend. 

As the friendship between Kerris and Walsh intensifies, so does their attraction. But it goes far beyond physical. They understand each other, and are hopelessly drawn together like a moth to a flame. And they soon discover the pull is stronger than either one of them. Even their friends begin to notice. And then there is the kiss... 

"His kiss was a feather and a flame, raising goose bumps and heating her skin. She pressed closer, defenseless against sensations she'd never experienced before ... An intimate invitation. An irresistible dare."

It would be easy to jump to judgment. But Kerris and Walsh are basically caring people, who never set out to hurt anyone. Above all this is a love story, but one where loyalties and friendship are at stake. And while matters of the heart are never simple, Kerris and Walsh's story is particularly complex. 

To find out more, you will have to read the story -- lovely, well written, and sometimes heartbreaking. But it is well worth it!

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Reviewed by Stephanie



  1. Thank you so much for this. It means a lot. It's so thorough I just posted it to my Pinterest account with some of my favorite reviews! LOL. Glad you enjoyed! :-)

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it! It's such a great story, and I loved the characters! <3

    2. i'm so glad! what are we doing up! LOL

    3. Just enjoying another late night reading and chatting books! LOL


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