Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Book Review - The Same But Different by Serena Clarke

The Same But Different
by Serena Clarke
Published 2014

321 Pages

Cady and Shelby are twin sisters who, after facing an unexpected loss, find themselves heading to the U.S. to uncover the mystery behind a family inheritance. Seeking answers, and following their mother's wish for them to explore life, they travel with a flash mob in California, meet up with a couple of handsome guys in the group... and find more than they bargained for!

Shelby, being the sassy and sarcastic one, is eager for adventure. Cady, who is normally the level-headed one, is also intrigued. And when they begin to unravel the mystery--a mystery that runs deep into the very foundation of their own family--a secret is revealed. And what is uncovered proves to be more than anyone expected!

Cady and Shelby are very quick witted and fun characters! The secondary characters held my attention, as well. But when some sinister red flags popped up, it was hard to imagine these quick-witted sisters not picking up on them.

Overall, this is a really fun read, with an array of diverse characters, and an interesting storyline that weaves together in a pleasurable way. I look forward to reading more from the author! 

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Reviewed by Andrea


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