Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Review - Of Royal Descent by Ember Shane

Of Royal Descent
by Ember Shane
Published 2013

390 Pages

After the discovery of a family secret Doyle Hawthorne, and his best friend Chuck Johnson, embark on a road trip to locate Doyle's birth grandfather. But what starts out as a harmless excursion ends up as something much more unsettling. Doyle and Chuck are heading toward a colony of zombies! And it's all part of a larger plan.

Before all hell breaks loose, Doyle meets Addy at a roadside diner, and is immediately drawn to her. The attraction is mutual. So, despite his not-so-grand entrance, she agrees to go out with him. Doyle questions why his senses are getting sharper, but doesn't dare reveal his dreams to Addy... at least, not yet.

Across town at a government facility Edgar Bradbury's sinister plans are falling into place. And while Doyle's dreams are slowly slipping into the waking world, lines are being crossed, and other secrets are revealed... secrets that are more deeply rooted in Doyle's history than he could have ever imagined. He will need to brace himself, if he is to make it out alive... or dead.

This book started off with plenty of suspense, which I thoroughly enjoyed! But the pace was a bit inconsistent. And after it slowed to explain some technical aspects of the story, it never quite recovered its full excitement. Further, I had a tough time believing in the fast and hard way Doyle and Addy fell for each other. Still, it was a fun read, with interesting characters, and some genuinely frightening moments! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie
3.75 STARS

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