Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Review - My Skylar by Penelope Ward

My Skylar (Gemini, #3)
by Penelope Ward
Published 2014

314 Pages

Trying to capture in words the essence of this story is as futile as trying to find the magic formula for love. Simply put, this book holds a magical tale that will catch you by surprise, take your breath away, and make you fall in love over and over again.

Skylar and Mitch first met as kids. Mitch's parents were going through a rough patch, and in an effort to shield their son from the worst of it, sent him to his grandmother's house for the summer. But despite their efforts, he knew things were bad, and began tuning out the rest of the world to cope. That is, until he met Skylar. Having experienced a similar disruption in her young life, Skylar was understanding. But more importantly, she was able to bring Mitch out of his shell with her sense of humor and enthusiasm for life. By the end of summer, they were best friends.

Throughout the years, Skylar and Mitch's paths continued to cross. And although the story begins at a pivotal point in adulthood, we discover the full scope of their lives and interactions, as told by both Skylar and Mitch, including their perspectives on the obstacles in their way. Ultimately, these characters never quite let go, and through the storytelling, we learn why. It will pull at your heartstrings, and will make you laugh and cry, because love is messy, complicated, unpredictable... but it is also true bliss. And it will come along when you least expect it.

Along with our main characters, we reconnect with old friends from previous books, and meet up with new characters--some are equally charming, while others are much less so. But all are fully developed, perfectly entwined with the plot, and add meaningful elements to the story.

This is an ambitious and poignant tale of an entirely human experience that will leave you deep in thought, long after you turn the last page. Unlike anything else I've read, this story is as much a journey for the reader as it is for Skylar and Mitch. And for anyone who has ever felt the kind of love you can't explain in words, this story will bring you home.

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Reviewed by Stephanie


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  1. Thank you for this wonderful 5-star review, Stephanie. I am so happy you felt it was unlike anything you have read!

    1. My pleasure! I know I keep saying this, but My Skylar was my favorite in the series, so far! <3


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