Sunday, May 11, 2014

Book Review - When Angels Fail by Michael Benavidez

When Angels Fail: Tales of the Macabre (When Angel's Fail, #1)
by Michael Benavidez
Published 2014

37 Pages

The characters in this book of short stories are impacted in various ways by a supernatural undercurrent weaving its way through each lurid tale. The author's use of imagery adds depth and a striking intensity to each story, drawing the reader in, and taking them on a journey that is both chilling and profound.

The stories felt a bit disjointed, but they weren't without merit. Out of the four stories I particularly enjoyed Andromeda, where a ship's captain, lost at sea, begins to unravel as he writes in his journal, documenting a painful and surreal adventure. This story was less gruesome than the others, and quite lovely! 

The book contains plenty of gore and dark themes, as one would expect from the title. And although there were some editing issues, the author has a lot of potential and creativity to offer. If you are a fan of horror and the macabre, you will enjoy this book! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie
3.5 STARS 

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