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Book Review - Devil May Care by Pippa DaCosta

Devil May Care (The Veil, #2)
by Pippa DaCosta
Published 2014
293 Pages

I knew from the first book that there was more to learn about Akil, the Prince of Greed, and a most powerful demon from the netherworld. And in this second installment, his true colors shine! 

We learn about the complex relationship between Akil and Muse, and get a peek into the history that brought Muse from her tortured life, and into the City of Boston, where she did her best to bring forth her human side to live a normal life. Of course, all that has changed. And in this book we travel to the netherworld, where chaos is a way of life for those who inhabit the land, and for those who (for whatever reason) find themselves on the wrong side of the veil. 

Son of a powerful ice demon, Stefan is a half-demon who has worked as an enforcer for the Institute, fighting to rid the streets of Boston of rogue demons. Now trapped in the netherworld, Stefan's true form has taken over... and the longer he stays, the more his human side is slipping away. 

Although Muse has been plotting Stefan's rescue for months, time on the other side of the veil runs on a different clock. For Stefan, years have passed... years he's had to ponder his losses, and to develop a grudge against all those responsible for his entrapment. As Muse catches a glimpse of Stefan's true form, she knows he may be too far gone. But there is still one way to set him free, and it involves Akil. Putting her trust in the Prince of Greed is risky business -- Akil's agenda is always multifaceted. Still, Muse has the advantage of knowing Akil's one weakness... and it involves her own demon. 

This is a well written, fast paced, and original tale that kept me hooked to the end! The vivid descriptives involved in the world building brought the netherworld to life in all its fearsome glory! Despite its danger, it is a place that is not without beauty, and there are plenty of touching moments. 

Even in the cutthroat world beyond, there are times when you have to rely on others. So, Muse must confront her past demons (literally), rely on others, and will need to overcome issues of trust if she is to survive. A lot is at stake, but as she discovers more about herself she finds her inner strength... and all hell is about to break loose! 

A fantastic second installment to The Veil Series! I can't wait for the next book!

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Reviewed by Stephanie



  1. I'm glad you're enjoying Muse's journey. She's definitely not had it easy, but she's as tough as old boots ;) She's not about to let the demons walk all over her - not any more.
    Thanks for the review.
    Oh, who's your fav guy now? ;)

    1. Thanks, Pippa! I am thoroughly enjoying it! At this point, I would have to say Stefan is my favorite. Still, I think Akil has a few tricks up his sleeve! LOL

    2. I'm sure he does.

      Can I let your readers know that Devil May Care is released on May 21st 2014 in eBook & paperback formats. So, not too long to wait ;)

    3. Oh, I should have added that in my review! I'll do it now. :-)


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