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Book Review - By the Light of the Moon by Laila Blake

By the Light of the Moon (Lakeside, #1)
by Laila Blake
Published 2014

275 Pages

Lady Moira Rochmond is an eccentric young heiress who would prefer solitude and the beauty of nature over tending to her duties as the daughter of a lord. Her nightly walks, unhealthy sleep patterns, and odd behavior has fueled rumors that she may be afflicted with either a mental illness or a curse. Fearing for her safety and sanity, her father hires a mysterious Blaidyn creature to protect her.

The Blaidyn in question, Owain, is a wolf shapeshifter, created by the Fae. Owain was hoping for an easy retirement job, but what he gets is far from easy, and nothing he expected. Falling in love was never part of the plan, especially since the young beauty, Lady Moira's, hand has been promised to another.

As the story unfolds, it is clear that this will not be a simple romance. The first few chapters of the story are slow in pace, and a bit confusing, due to the many characters that are introduced at once. Thus, it took time for me to become emotionally invested, as each character struggled for the spotlight. But as the pace quickens, things smooth out, and Owain rises to the forefront... this is when things get interesting! Political scheming between characters, and even between races, is the best part of all. And the sinister plotting kept me intrigued -- perhaps even more than the romance!

Owain and Lady Moira are interesting characters. Moira is a free spirited, intelligent woman, who is also quiet, and a bit awkward; while Owain is dark, brooding, and handsome. He is easy to love in this story, with his inherently protective nature. However, the relationship was often overshadowed by the complexity of the storyline. I would have liked to see more effort given to exploring their feelings for one another, as I'm not a huge fan of instant love. Still, they were a good fit, and their union had a sweet appeal.

The book is very descriptive, and the imagery pulls you right in. The author's writing style makes it easy to follow along. I hope, through future books, we will get a more in-depth background on Blaidyn and the Fae history -- so much of the information given was barely touched on. Still, this is a potentially promising series, and I would love to read more!

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Reviewed by Shari



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