Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review - Son of Dragons by Andrea R. Cooper

Son of Dragons (Legends of Oblivion, #2)
by Andrea R. Cooper
Published 2014
260 Pages

Having been banished from her Elvin home for looking too human, and separated from her twin brother at birth, Mirhana was raised by witches, and trained to live her life as a warrior. Now, she fights against the undead: deadwalkers, vampyres, wraiths, and more. As the dead rise as soldiers, puppets to a grand scheme by the Warloc, an ancient prophecy is unfolding... and Mirhana will find herself right in the middle of it. 

As he makes his way through forests and villages, Prince Landon is hiding his identity, searching for a solution to the increasing population of deadwalkers, and a way to protect his kingdom. In a small village, he observes Mirhana from an upstairs window. Is this the warrior who was seen in the forest killing deadwalkers? Their eyes meet. But when Landon loses sight of her, he finds himself swept into a world, more magical than anything he could have imagined, with thoughts of her piercing emerald eyes buried into his soul.  

We are introduced to new and wonderful creatures, and meet up with those we know and love from the first book, as each character's unique role and journey begins to intersect... and each will have a pivotal role in the outcome of an epic battle that is about to take place. Deception, self discovery, and sacrifices will be made, as each character's true role is uncovered... and in these magical lands, nothing is at it seems. 

I was hoping for more romance to play out. Still, the book builds on the last with new and enchanting worlds, exciting creatures, and breathtaking originality. Although the many lands became a bit confusing at times, this book is filled with exciting twists and turns, an interesting plot, and well developed characters. A really fun read, and a complimentary addition to the Legends of Oblivion series! 

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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  1. Stephanie,
    Thank you for your wonderful review! I appreciate you taking the time to read and review my novel.


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