Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Book Review - Trevor by Krystal Shannan

Trevor (A MacLaughlin Family Novella, #1) 
by Emma Roman
Published 2013
54 Pages

When secretary Karen goes into labor, Lorelei is thrust into filling in at the MacLaughlin Corporation. This set up is the brainchild of Lorelei and her best friend, Lizzy MacLaughlin. It is about time that Lizzy's brother, Trevor, is forced to confront his feelings for Lorelei. Are they just lifelong friends, or is there more going on under the surface? 

The natural story build up is great! Trevor is full of believable dialogue, and plenty of steamy romance. This bright gem is the first in the series. My only complaint is that it wrapped up too quickly, and left me wanting more! I look forward to reading the next book. 

Reviewed by Andrea

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