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Book Review - Possession by J.R. Ward

Possession (Fallen Angels, #5)
by J.R. Ward
Published 2013
545 Pages

This is the fifth installment in the Fallen Angels series, and my favorite, so far! I absolutely loved it! We pick up right where we left off in the last book with our favorite fallen angel, Jim Heron, still recovering from the last round in the war between good and evil, and still adjusting to his living quarters in an old, decrepit mansion... an eerie place, with a life of its own, where the grandfather clock occasionally chimes to the number thirteen. And as with the other books in the series, the author continues to lay out the scenes with detailed precision, and plenty of humor!

Cait Douglass is still mourning the loss of a relationship that ended with heartbreak. Her boyfriend not only cheated on her, but he is now preparing to be a father. So, this past year, Cait has made drastic changes in her own life. She hit the gym, in an effort to take her mind off the grieving process, and now she's changing her hair. Just a cut, maybe a few layers... or maybe she should go blonde. At least, that's what the stylist is suggesting. So, after much contemplation, she decides to take the plunge... and she couldn't be happier! The new color is giving her the lift she needed, especially when she steps outside, and immediately discovers that her new look is bringing on some unexpected attention! 

Meeting her friend at a small club, she settles in to listen to the gorgeous performer playing melodic music on his guitar. His songs are mesmerizing. And while he has a hefty fan base of woman surrounding him, he focuses on Cait. After the show, he chats her up, and up close Cait realizes he is even more gorgeous. She finds herself stumbling over her words. Still, she gives him her number before saying goodbye. Outside, in a lonely parking lot, she has a brief encounter with a hulk of a man with a shaved head, and piercing eyes. Only a few words were exchanged between them, and yet she can't get him out of her head. He unexpectedly shows up in her life, once again, and the mutual attraction is off the charts! She learns his name is Duke. What happens next is even more unexpected, and out of character for Cait. But this has been a year of change, so she doesn't fight it. Still, there is something off... something she can't quite put her finger on.   

Duke Phillips is a formidable doorman at a club in Caldwell, New York--a dark, gothic playground for those who sleep by day and come out to play at night. Duke has stayed away from relationships, choosing instead to keep matters of the heart on a strictly casual basis. But now, he is confused. He wasn't supposed to feel such a pull toward the blonde beauty, Cait. In fact, his ulterior motives had nothing to do with her. Still, day and night, he can't stop thinking about her, even though, after crossing paths with a psychic, he was warned to stay far away from the brunette woman he'd just met. Sure, his intuition was burning up, but so was he, for Cait. And she was a blonde, after all. How dangerous could their interludes really be? And yet, the walls seem to be closing in, as lies and deceit are buried deeper. 

Across town, Jim Heron still doesn't know whose soul is up for grabs. He is distracted by thoughts of Sissy, the girl who was murdered by the demon, Devina. And his plans to rescue Sissy from Devina's lair continue to dominate his thoughts. But while Jim is plotting Sissy's escape, and making deals with Devina--deals that may jeopardize more that just one round of the games of good against evil--bad things are going on in heaven. Even Adrian--Jim's friend on Earth, and fallen angel partner--is worried. But once Jim gets his head back in the game he discovers the true cost of his hubris, and the price he will pay for checking out of the games, even temporarily. Making a deal with the devil is never a good idea. And now, some heads are going to roll.

This was the most complex book in the series, so far, and one of my new favorites! From heaven, to the underworld, and back on Earth we delve deeper into each world, and discover new meaning to the story and to the series, as a whole. Questions from previous books are answered, and the plot is gaining momentum as we gear up for the final outcome. Despite the complexity, the book is so well written that I never felt lost. And the characters are fully developed--it's impossible for the reader not to feel invested in them. There are dark elements throughout, which complement the mood, and add to the suspense. This is a fantastic, absorbing, and well written book full of surprises! And a must read for all paranormal romance fans! But I do recommend starting with the first book, so that you know the history of the characters, and how the games began.

Reviewed by Stephanie


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