Saturday, March 22, 2014

Book Review - The Elderine Stone by Alan Lawson

The Elderine Stone 
by Alan Lawson
Published 2013

175 Pages

When Jason, a teenager from Northern Ireland, takes a detour on his way home from school one day, his curiosity gets the best of him. Despite the warning signs to keep out, he decides to explore an abandoned building. Strange contents provide more questions than answers. And when the room begins to shimmer and shift, he finds himself transported to another world... a vibrant, magical world, where his adventure begins!

Jason meets Emily, granddaughter of the most powerful wizard in Hasperia, and together they rescue an imp, encounter monsters, solve riddles, and attempt to save Hasperia from the Dark Lady. Jason begins to unravel the mystery surrounding his connection to this magical land. But as one journey concludes, there is promise for more to come!

The Elderine Stone is a Young Adult book with some elements reminiscent of other fantasy tales. Still, it held its own, with a unique plot and enchanting characters. I found myself eager to discover what was around the next bend for our young adventurers, and couldn't put it down! There were quite a few typographical errors, but it didn't hinder my experience. This is a thoroughly enjoyable tale for anyone who loves fantasy and adventure!

Reviewed by Stephanie



  1. It seems like a cute little read. Also, Ireland is always a sucker punch for me!


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