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Book Review - Wicked Waves by Sharon Kay

Wicked Waves (Solsti Prophecy, #2)
by Sharon Kay
Published 2013

357 Pages

In a small condo in Chicago, Kai watches Brooke sleep. It gnaws at him that she lives alone. And although the building is fully warded, he still worries about her safety. Further, he recognizes that his interest in Brooke goes beyond that of protection. And given his past, these new feelings are... perplexing.
"Kai, who took pleasure in bedding as many women as he wanted, was stymied by one willful brunette. But Brooke wasn't just any brunette. The entire supernatural world believes her existence to be a myth."
As a Solsti, Brooke's powers will one day be unmatched. However, she is still in training. And having been raised a human, Kai worries that she is suppressing her senses, leaving herself vulnerable. As a Lash demon, he knows what the legends say about the Solsti. And while she will be protected by the Lash demons, there are others who would want her dead. Thus, checking in on Brooke has become a regular occurrence. Independent and capable, the arrogant Kai is the last demon Brooke would want checking in on her! And so, his stealthy visits continue.   

Having been at each other's throats since day one, Brooke is annoyed at the idea that she and Kai will have to take a trip to Torth as a team. Visiting the other realm is always a risky venture. Still, it is necessary. But she does need to practice her ability to manipulate water. And so, there is an upside: after being stifled for so long, the supernatural realm of Torth offers freedom from being discovered by the humans! No more practicing in her bathtub, she will find the biggest water sources in Torth, and learn to manipulate water on the grandest scale imaginable. And no one, least of all Kai, will get in her way. 

There was so much going on in this book, but I never felt lost or confused! The author creates an enchanting world with interesting inhabitants that are both fearsome and formidable. And there is beauty and magic around every bend! From the barren wastelands to the lush forests, every river, wave, leaf, and drop of water comes to life! I really felt like the world the author created just popped off the pages. But nothing was gratuitous. This is a magical journey for the characters, as well as the reader! 

As for the characters, they were charming, fully developed, and believable. The struggles between Kai and Brooke were not contrived. And I appreciated that Brooke wasn't falling all over Kai from the beginning, just because of his physical charms. The characters stayed true throughout the story. However, we do discover Kai's backstory, and thus gain some understanding as to why he presents as guarded and arrogant. Moreover, his protective nature is always in the forefront, and you can't help but see the diamond in the rough. 

Eventually, things heat up between Kai and Brooke, and all the descriptive details you could hope for are imagined! We also encounter someone from Kai's past, and plenty of other characters that add depth and meaning to the story, as a whole. My favorite scene was the river scene, whereby Kai and Brooke have to make a quick escape... a river that is vivid, alive, and magical, just like this story!

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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