Saturday, January 18, 2014

Book Review - Passion of an Angel by Suren Fant

Passion of an Angel (Shade of Light, #1)
by Suren Fant
Published 2013

36 Pages

I have read so many novels about demons lately, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to read about angels. I wasn't expecting angels in the Garden of Eden, or a new twist to an old tale about the dawn of time. The story offers up a fresh and interesting perspective, with vivid imagery and some unexpected turns!

When the angels first observe the creation of the Garden of Eden they are intrigued, awestruck even. And the impact starts off a series of events, creating the beginning of human emotions as we know them. One angel finds himself moved by the garden, as well as its new inhabitants... particularly, the female, who is equally enthralled by the angel in all his ethereal beauty. But the angel's own powers in this new world are having unimaginable implications, setting a course for all that's to come.

This is a rather serious story of love and loss, with a cautionary tale about the ripple affect of one's own decisions and actions. Some parts of the story were slow and predictable, but mostly it was lovely and poetic.   

Reviewed by Stephanie

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