Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review - A Victory that Counts by Ioana Visan

A Victory that Counts (The Impaler Legacy, #2)
by Ioana Visan
Published 2013

116 Pages

The Little Council of Romania is waging war against a new vampire breed. The story takes us to New Zealand, where things get very gory. The female lead, Liana, has developed a very benign relationship with another character, Dr. Jesse, while her relationship with the arresting, and very quiet, Maximilien Hess has taken the backseat. 

I love the parallel worlds in this series, where humans coexist with vampires. And I love the introduction of a third vampire species in this book--a new, super
-enhanced vampire. But after the first book I was anticipating more romance between characters--more passion and angst--which seemed like a natural progression. Instead, the love scenes were behind closed doors, leaving me wanting more. After the first book, I was hoping to see things spice up between Liana and Maximilien, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

The story is interesting, but different from what I expected. Still, it is well written, and I will continue with the series for that reason. I am hoping for more romance, along the lines of the first book, as the series continues!

Reviewed by Kelli

3.75 STARS

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