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Book Review - Marked by Destiny by Lisa Cardiff

Marked By Destiny
by Lisa Cardiff
Published 2013

228 Pages

I really enjoy reading books about fae. They are such arrogant creatures, always conniving, and stabbing each other in the back! This story held my attention, and was very entertaining! 

Kalen, the Supreme Chieftain, and Prince of the Tuatha De'Danann tribe, is sent by Queen Donaugh to protect and retrieve Avery Conner, who is half fae/half human, to bring her to the fae court in a parallel world. She is believed to be the one who will be able to access the fae's Four Treasures: the Stone of Destiny, the Sword of Light, the Spear of Victory, and the Cauldron of Renewal.

Avery has no idea she is half fae. When she was an infant, she was taken from her mother and native land of Ireland to live with her grandmother in the United States. She always felt abandoned by her mother and resented her. And so, when her mother becomes ill and is on her deathbed, Avery decides she needs to see her one last time. She makes the trip back to Ireland, only to discover everything about her life was a lie.

Kalen knew Avery as a child and always felt a pull toward her. He has his own agenda for helping Avery, but has a very difficult time resisting the connections he's always felt with her. Avery is unsure as to whom she can trust, although she instinctively knows she can trust Kalen. 
Can Kalen resist his own ambitions at court, and put Avery's well being above his own? 

This is the first book in a series that I will continue to follow! Very entertaining story and characters! There were some editing issues--extra words, etc--but I imagine this will be resolved before the book is released on December 23rd. Definitely worth the read!

Reviewed by Kelli


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  1. Thanks! The published copy addressed the issues.


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