Saturday, November 9, 2013

Book Review - Darkness Before Dawn by Kellie Wallace

Darkness Before Dawn

by Kellie Wallace
Published 2013
236 Pages

While it may be hard to accept a nazi soldier in 1940s Germany as a hero, Max is not a typical cold blooded soldier. And behind his forced, hard exterior is a man with a heart of gold. 

Catherine is a gentle soul whose family has already been through hardships, and yet she still has a strong and hopeful spirit. Set in the time of world turmoil, this is a tender love story that inspires and reminds the reader that love has no boundaries.

I understood Catherine's complicated feelings for many of her family members and childhood friends. Still, I felt the roller coaster of her changing emotions hard to empathize with so quickly. All in all, a touching story worth reading.

Reviewed by Andrea

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