Monday, November 18, 2013

Book Review - Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner

Welcome to Sugartown
by Carmen Jenner
Published 2013

298 Pages

I really loved this clever Aussie romance about the pie baker and the ex-con biker. I know, a crazy match, right? But it worked! It was witty, sweet, and full of angst all at the same time. I never could get ahead of the author to figure out where she was going! But I was totally emersed in the story, and in the both the past and future of the characters. Several times I thought, "No way. There is no way she will go there!" But guess what, she did! She went there, and took me to the edge of my comfort level, maybe even slightly past it! But I couldn't put it down. Well done! I loved it! A great read!

The story is about Ana Belle who lives in a small town where nothing ever happens. She has inherited her mother's pie bakery shop, and gets creative with ingredients as a way to process her feelings. Her best friend works with her and does not have any type of filter between brain and mouth, which makes life interesting for Ana… especially when a gorgeous, tattooed biker rides into town, and shows up in her pie shop!

Elijah Cade (great name!) just wants to ride through life under the radar; a hot meal, a warm bed, no attachments. He likes to work with engines, and lands a job in the bike shop right next door to Ana's. He is a six-foot-three god, and once he has a taste of Ana's pie, he needs more! LOL! The problem is, Elijah has secrets and some impulse control issues. So, what will happen when their pasts collide? There are no easy endings, and the characters have to work hard for their HEA! Definitely worth the read!

Reviewed by Kelli



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