Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review - Waking Sarah by Krystal Shannan

Waking Sarah (Vegas Mates, #3)
by Krystal Shannan
Published 2013
194 Pages

Sarah McClain is doing her best to support her best friend, who is preparing for the journey of a lifetime. But it hasn't been easy. Just six months ago, Sarah herself was engaged. As she and her fiancee' prepared to share the news, he was taken from her, murdered, leaving Sarah lost and heartbroken. And now, the troublesome voices in her head that have kept her up at night for most of her life have intensified… voices and dreams and a nagging presence that only sleeping pills have managed to control. After suffering such a great loss, she wonders how she will move forward.  

As her friend's wedding event concludes, she and some of the guests gather at the Woodhaven Inn--a secluded luxury inn, nestled deep in a forested region of Utah, with an abundance of wildlife. Lulled by the beauty of her surroundings, Sarah relaxes enough one morning to share breakfast and a chat with Chris Michaels, who is not only handsome and attentive, but seems genuinely concerned about her well being. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Chris has been assigned to coach her, and to ease her into a world of supernatural shape-shifters… a world that, before today, she never knew existed. So how is he going to convince her that the voice in her head she's been hearing her whole life is her wolf? He has his work cut out for him. But it is imperative, as Sarah's wolf must awaken to the world if Sarah is to survive. 

Sarah is likable, relatable, and stays true to character throughout the story. As she begins her daunting journey into the unknown, you can't help but root for her! We revisit our friends and foes from the first two books, and meet some new supernaturals, too! Vampires and witches add an entirely new element to the story, and the blending of worlds is both seamless and complimentary to the series! 

Of course, we are treated to plenty of the descriptive romance we've come to know and love from the Vegas Mates, complete with all the intimate details! Finally, this book wouldn't be complete without Krystal Shannan's unending humor! Sarah protests, "Damn man … thinks I'm some kind of a freaking magickal werewolf?" Ha! Sarah's journey has just begun, indeed. And whether she knows it yet or not, it will be magickal.  

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Reviewed by Stephanie

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