Thursday, November 21, 2013

Book Review - Swept Away: The First Bloodline by Crystal Smith

Swept Away: The First Bloodline
by Crystal Smith
Published 2013
254 Pages

Taylor James's life was good, very good, especially in the husband department. She had a great one who was smart, sexy, and loving. But tragedy strikes and her husband dies, leaving her world torn apart. Seven years have gone by, where she continued with her routine of chores, going to work, and caring for the kids in a mostly robotic fashion. After her sister convinces her to go out, and to make an effort to start living life again, Taylor meets Damien--six-feet tall and gorgeous! And her world is about to change forever. 

Taylor feels drawn to Damien, soothed by him, and begins to feel like she cannot live without him. He tells her she is his mate, and that they are destined to be together. Forever. Literally… because he is a vampire (with numerous special talents)! Taylor is swept away into an entirely unexpected world, where she learns that nothing is as it seems! 

I was really excited when I started this book! The first 30% was great, but then it just sort of hit a wall. For a while, it seemed that the characters were limited to feelings of love or anger, and the story development became choppy, rather than fluid. Some aspects of the story were rather predictable, trust was given too freely for the circumstances, and the superpowers were a bit gratuitous. Further, the author alluded to a very popular book series throughout--a series that I know and love--which didn't sit well with me. 

The book did have a strong finish, and I liked the ending, cliffhanger and all! Overall, it was a good read, with a strong start and finish. 

Reviewed by Kelli

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