Sunday, November 17, 2013

Book Review - Mercy by Pam Dingée

by Pam Dingée
Published 2013
297 Pages

This book had potential, but never really grabbed me and made me forget myself, which is always my gauge as to how much I am going to love a book! But it did have some sweet and funny moments! Great chapter titles, and one particularly funny bar scene, made me laugh! Still, I found a lot of the storyline to be rather predicable. 

I did like Eden! She's a sassy hairdresser at the Hot Mess Hair Salon, who sometimes cusses like a truck driver. She is going through a long overdue divorce from her husband, Dick (Ha! Like I said, some good, humorous moments!). She finds herself floating a bit aimlessly, while staying at her best friend's guesthouse. She is not quite ready to embark on another relationship. Still, she wouldn't mind having some fun!

Dominic "Dom" (Yes, that is his name, but dom is not his game!) is Eden's best friend's cheesy (but hot!) brother. Although he is a sexy guy, he is a total player who has been pining for Eden since long before she was married. And now that she's single again, he doesn't want to miss his chance with her!

The story was entertaining enough, but was lacking development.
And the characters never did quite mature beyond the surface. It left me wanting more… more details, more depth, more, more, more!    

Reviewed by Kelli

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